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  • 31.08.13 - Anna Mylnikova have passed the entrance exams and became postgraduate student of ISTP SB RAS.

  • 10.06.13 - Anna Mylnikova and Daria Logutko have defended their thesises on the great.

  • 16.05.13 - Polina Malkova took the first place in "Radiophysics" section of Irkutsk State University student's scientific conference. The report was "Investigation of latitude-longitude features of solar ternimator generated ionospheric waves".

  • 25.04.13 - Anna Mylnykova, Polina Malkova and Anastasiya Zhupityaeva have been awarded Irkutsk State University presonal grants. Congratulations!

  • 05.02.13 – Artem Ishin have been awarded the Russian Federation President grant.

  • 05.02.13 – Yury Yasyukevich have been awarded the Russian Federation President grant.

  • 26.12.12 - Ilya Edemskiy have been awarded the Russian Federation President grant.

  • 13.09.12 – Project "Investigation of MHD-nature wave disturbances in ionosphere, produced by twilight atmospheric parameters gradients" has been supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research within "My First Grant" programm. The head of the project is Ilya Edemskiy.
  • 15.05.2012 – Ilya Edemskiy has defended PhD thesis "Studing solar terminator generated mediumscale ionospheric disturbances using GPS". Congratulations!
  • 27.04.2012 – Anna Markidonova named as a prize winner of Irkutsk stat university student's scientific conference.
  • 15.03.2012 – There has been III annual scientific seminar dedicated to prof. E.L.Afraimovich. 8 reports have been presented by researchers from Institute of solar-terrestrial physics SB RAS, Irkutsk state university, Irkutsk state railway university.
  • 13.03.2012 – Presidium of Russian academy of sciences have selected winners for medal of Russian Academy of Science for young scientists. In the field of oceanology, atmosphere physics and geography the medals were sensationalized to Edemskiy I.K., Ishin A.B., Yasyukevich Yu.V. for series of papers "GPS application for investigation of ionosphere-magnetosphere irregularities".
  • 30.04.2011 – Our group have received a Russian Federation president's grant for PhD young scientist support. MK-2194.2011.5 «Comparative investigation of GLONASS and GPS functional features during disturbed ionosphere conditions». The head is Yu.V. Yasyukevich. (
  • 28.04.2011 – URSI have awarded I.K. Edemskiy by «URSI Young Scientists Award».
  • 12.04.2011 – Presidium of Siberian Branch of Russian academy of sciences have awarded I.K. Edemskiy for his papers "GPS-investigation of ionosphere irregularities generated by solar terminator" by premium named after academician V.E. Zuev. ».
  • 10.04.2011 – Yu.V. Yasyukevich have been awarded by An EGU Young Scientist Outstanding Poster Presentation (YSOPP) award for poster presentation.
  • 29.10.2010 - I.K. Edemskiy named as a winner in the "Best PhD student of Russian academy of sciences" contest (2010)
  • 21.09.2010 – A.B. Ishin have defended the PhD thesis "Investigation of wideband solar radio emission and ionosphere irregularities on the propagation and receving GPS signal".
  • 18.10.2010 - I.K. Edemskiy have won III prize in young scientist competition at the VIII All-Russian conference "Up-to-date problems of Earth soundings from space" (2010) for report "MHD nature of ionospheric wave packets generated by solar terminator and their seasonal dynamics".
  • 10.05.2010 – Our group have received a Russian Federation president's grant for PhD young scientist support. MK-3094.2010.5 «Investigation of ionosphere-magnetosphere irregularities influencing on satellite radio navigation system functioning"». The head is: S.V. Voeykov. (
  • 20.11.2009 – Yu.V. Yasyukevich have won III prise in young scientist competitionat the VII All-Russian conference "Up-to-date problems of Earth soundings from space" (16-20 Nov 2009) for his report "Scattering of GPS signals caused by mid-latitude field-aligned irregularities in the magnetic zenith and magnetic normal region".
  • 01.11.2009 - E.Astafyeva have won 3-year Postdoctoral Fellowship, IPGP (Institute de Physique du Globe de Paris), Paris, France.
  • 15.10.2009 – Yu.V. Yasyukevich have won II prise in the young scientist competition at young scientist school "Atmosphere and ocean optics. Atmosphere physics".
  • 12.09.2009 – Ishin A.B. have won III prise at the Baikal young scientists's international school (7-12 Sept 2009) for his report "Experimental study of GPS signal scattering on the field-aligned irregularities"
  • 01.04.2008 - E.Astafyeva have won "Outstanding Paper Award for Young Scientists" at COSPAR-2008.

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