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Welcome to the GPS Monitoring WorkGroup Site!

You can find here information about our investigations of ionosphere using global navigation system GPS, about the influence of geophysical occurences and radiowave propagation.

Группа GPS мониторинга

GPS Monitoring WorkGroup was founded in 1997 by professor Edward L. Afraimovich included in the Laboratory of Experimental Radiophysical Investigations in the Institute of Solar Terrestrial Physics, Siberian Branch Russian Academy of Sciences (ISTP SB RAS). The first objects of our investigations were ionospheric response to total solar eclipse, to strong magnetic storms and to solar flares. Further investigations of acoustic-gravity waves (generated during rocket launches, strong earthquakes and explosions) and of large- and medium-scale traveling ionospheric irregularities were added.

The idea of global monitoring and detecting of ionospheric disturbances of natural and technogenic origin as deduced from Total Electron Content (TEC) variations measurements proposed by prof. Aframovich, was realized in programming complex GLOBDET. Nowadays we update our programm complex constantly and we develop its application area.

As a result of our work the DataBase including follow data was created:

  • preprocessing and secondary processing files of GPS data;
  • magnetic-variations stations data;
  • ionospheric sites data;
  • data including absolute TEC value - IONEX-maps;
  • auroral oval data.

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